With a coefficient of friction of .04 (avg. traditional ice has .02-.09) our new generation synthetic ice SLICK is practically as good as traditional artificial ice. Moreover, now it does not require application of any additional substances for improving ice skating experience

The new ingredients lubricate the blade as you skate creating the perfect skating surface. Our new installation design ensures decades of skating enjoyment. 

Designed to meet the needs of an ice rink owner, panels are a manageable 4' x 4' size that are light (29 lbs) and very easy for a single person to assemble (and disassemble) in minutes. Convenient size reduces shipping costs and the pallet can be dropped right at your door. 

As Good As Real Ice

After almost 20 years of experimenting with different technologies, materials and designs the tests conducted in February 2016 clearly proved that the goal of replicating ice has been achieved.

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