Very Important Information for Future Business Owners

When operating a business for the general public a high quality surface is needed. If customers are unhappy with the skating quality they will complain and the business fails. This has been the common outcome over the last 40 years with ordinary "Synthetic Ice". This same plastic is still being sold today, it can be skated on by professional skaters, but when the average person tries to skate they frown on the experience.

Today customers want SLICK for commercial purposes.Because an ice rink with this newest generation synthetic ice surface is a simple, fun and profitable business with a very high ROI (Return of Investment). Just one of many great business ideas we'll share with you - a daily rent $3,500 for a skating rink is nothing extraordinary.

"I was able to pay off the loan within a month into the operation of my rink..."                                                                        - Ricardo Betancourt Ramrez (Ponce Mall Ice Rink, Puerto Rico).

Seasonal & Permanent
Ice Skating Rinks 

Being Seasonal or Permanent they bring fun and excitement to any of property of yours! You can find our rinks in shopping malls and parks, town center courts, sports facilities, etc. all over the world.

We deliver the rinks with the newest generation synthetic ice skating surface - of any size - that can be installed virtually anywhere and be used all the year round, indoors and outdoors.

You don't have to worry about skates, skate sharpeners or dasher boards - we have everything you may need to have for a successful rink.

We will share with you our longtime rink owner expertise how to operate the rink to keep your customers coming over and over again. 

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