We are

A longtime successful distributor and ice rink owner and we offer a proven business model with low investment. With us you have a power to choose the scale of business. We offer fully equipped new generation synthetic ice skating rinks for sports, recreation, commercial and private use: 

- new generation synthetic ice skating surface of any size: from a garage ice rink to a full NHL ice rink with hockey lines;
- rental ice skates (special type specifically for synthetic ice rinks available);
- ice skate sharpeners;
- dasher boards;
- free customer support and ice rink personnel training
- free proven business ideas how to maximize ROI

All equipment is made in the USA and EU from high quality materials to ensure their reliability and durability for many years. 
It has been successfully tested at many ice rinks of our customers worldwide and our own rinks, and we can fully recommend them for you. 

  • Doing business globally for over 25 years, including seven years in ice rink equipment industry.
  • Owner of synthetic ice rinks ourselves, so we DO KNOW how to make a rink successful.
  • We did for you all the research and testing to choose the best synthetic ice, skates, ice skates sharpeners, dasher boards, other ice rink and ice hockey equipment.
  • Our prices are competitive, often below MSRP. 
  • Video: Victor Orloff testing newest generation synthetic ice SLICK with its inventor, a figure skater, hockey player and a coach - Perry Boskus. 
Above: one of our own rinks in Sarasota Square Mall. Over 15,000 young and adult skaters have lots of fun there during the 2,5 years it was open. 

Below: pictures of some of our customers' and our own rinks

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