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New Generation Synthetic Ice Rinks
New generation (since 2008) Super-Glide synthetic ice is a high-tech skating surface created by skaters for skaters to offer the ultimate “skate-like ice” experience. More than 5 million public skaters know the real sensation of Super-Glide® synthetic ice on more than 400 skating facilities worldwide.

Why Super-Glide is the best?

Technology behind Super-Glide synthetic ice-skating surfaces far exceeds the limits of older artificial ice compounds invented in late 1960s. Super-Glide synthetic ice is manufactured using the most modern computer-controlled equipment available, advancing and leading the synthetic ice industry into the future. This extremely low friction surface results in a synthetic ice-skating sensation virtually identical to the feel of water-based ice.

Unique and patented design of Super-Glide panels allows them to hold together even though enormous amounts of pressure are placed on each panel during expansion and contraction. These cut outs were designed for strength, and interlock the panels, so they all move as one, when changes in temperature cause the rink to expand or contract.
New generation Super-Glide synthetic ice rinks are the only ones in the world that proved to last long, providing the best skating experience and as such Super-Glide rinks never fail. About 96% of all Super-Glide rinks purchased after 1999 are still active.
There are situations - really very very rare - when you have a used Super-Glide rink on sale. Just like the one we currently have due to the expiration of the lease contract with the mall administration.
Our comapny is not only a Super-Glide distributor and a Super-Glide rink owner. We are also a distributor of other ice skating related equipment in the USA and Europe.

So, working with us you are in a very comfortable position - you can order a fully equiped rink and get an all-embracing technical and customer assistance. All backed by our longtime expertise.

We supply:
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If you like to learn how Super-Glide rinks work directly from a rink owner we are one of the right places to call. Our rink in Sarasots, FL was open 7 days a week for 2,5 years.
We know Super-Glide, we know other synthetic ice urfaces from A to Z and we know how to make the rink successful and we are ready to share this expertise with you.
Over 15,000 skaters have visited our rink at the Sarasota Square mall and practically of them had a great time with us. Our rink was also featured on HGTV.
ice skate sharpener edge again
dasher boards prowall
synthetic ice rinks for sale sales
Synthetic, plastic ice? Yesterday it sounded  weird, today it is a reality.
More and more people skate on it and less and less of them are surprised...
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As a distributor and rink owner ourselves we offer you not only the best price, but our personalized service backed by our longtime expertise
Please see below pictures of some of our cliens' rinks:
New and used synthetic ice rinks
Authorized US & C.I.S. distributor/exporter
New and used synthetic ice skating rinks for sale and other ice rink equipment
So, you are welcome to check our page
USED RINKS, SALES to see if there is anything on sale - rinks or equipment.
Innovative hand-held ice skate sharpener Edge Again. 2013 Stanley Cup winner  the Chicago Blackhawks as well as many other NHL clubs use now Edge Again.
ice skate sharpener wissota
Ice skate sharpener Wissota. We and most of our client rinks use this sharpener for many years with no issue whatsoever. It's reliable, absolutely professional and inexpensive.

dasher boards prowall
Innovative ice rink dasher-boards ProWall.
Reliable, easy to install, fairly priced.
Proudly made in the USA.
Ice skates. Despite the fact that you can use regular skates on our new generation synthetic ice Super-Glide, we can offer you European skates specifically designed for synthetic ice rinks.
ice skates synthetic ice
Proudly made in the USA.
Before we chose Super-Glide we did a thotough research and are glad that we made a right choice as we know how fast rinks with other synthetic ice surfaces close.

synthetic ice rinks for sale sales
synthetic ice rinks for sale sales

New and used synthetic ice rinks and rink equipment